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Midwest Energy Solutions Conference 2012 – Interviews Part 2

Bruce Schlein, Director of Corporate Sustainability for Citi, discusses what is it Citi is doing in the market of efficiency to help it grow in the Midwest.  Bruce also gets into where they see efficiency falling on businesses “to-do” list, and how interested they are in pursuing financing. Ed Thomas, Vice President of the Electric [Continue]

MES2012 – Breakout Session: Achieving Scale in Home Energy Upgrades

EE providers across the country have used the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to scale up operations. And many contend that even though the money has been spent, some of the gains will be permanent. “I think it actually raised the skill level and we’re not going to lose that,” said Jensen Adams [Continue]

MES2012 – Plenary Session: Utility Business Case for Energy Efficiency

Some utilities may worry that building an energy efficiency program will cut their own throats. By design, EE programs decrease customer power use and that could cause a loss in revenue. But Jon Williams of AEP Ohio said utilities need to realize that “there’s much more to the business case than financials,” and need to [Continue]

Midwest Energy Solutions Conference 2012 – Interviews Part 1

We’re excited to post some interviews that were conducted yesterday at the 2012 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. We have, for your viewing pleasure, interviews with Emmet Romine from DTE Energy, Dylan Sullivan from the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Steve Nadel from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. In his [Continue]

MES2012 – Breakout Session: Claiming Savings from Behavior Change

This is the second year in a row MEEA has held a session devoted to changing customer behavior, and the standing-room-only crowd showed the issue still resonates with energy efficiency stakeholders. Tom Scaramellino from Efficiency 2.0, a software and program administration company, began by noting that consumers typically give researchers a [Continue]

MES2012 – Opening Session: Outlook for Energy Efficiency Policy

Concern over the loss of funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dominated the opening session of the 2012 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. Enacted in 2009, the $787 billion stimulus package funneled billions into energy efficiency programs, but much of the money has been spent. The three speakers, one each from the federal [Continue]

ComEd Goes Retro

ComEd Goes Retro

Northern Illinois utility supplier ComEd won MEEA’s 2011 Inspiring Efficiency Impact Award for its groundbreaking retro-commissioning program, which helps large buildings reduce energy consumption by optimizing use of existing equipment rather than through capital investment. By any measure, ComEd’s innovative retro-commissioning program is a [Continue]

Industrial-Sized Energy Efficiency Program Still Growing

Industrial-Sized Energy Efficiency Program Still Growing

A new program by Xcel Energy, a utility supplier of electricity and natural gas to eight Western and Midwestern states, is racking up serious energy efficiency gains by targeting some of the biggest energy users around – large industrial customers. The Process Efficiency program analyzes customers’ total energy use – from manufacturing [Continue]

Energy Efficiency Program for Grocers Offers Fresh Ideas – and Produce

Energy Efficiency Program for Grocers Offers Fresh Ideas – and Produce

DTE Energy helped Detroit’s grocers keep their broccoli – and their billfolds – a little greener this year with its energy-saving Grocer’s Incentive Program. The initiative won the 2011 Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Inspiring Efficiency Innovation Award. DTE Energy’s program was specifically designed for the city of Detroit, [Continue]

If these Walls Could Talk…

If these Walls Could Talk…

The winners of MEEA’s Inspiring Efficiency Awards are among the most innovative and dynamic players in the energy field.  Now that the application process is officially open for the 2012 Inspiring Efficiency Awards, we thought it might be fun to check back in with some of our award winners from last year to get an [Continue]

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