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MEEA Staff Presents at 2015 ACEEE Summer Study

MEEA Staff members Greg Ehrendreich and Mark Milby presented on Wed., Aug 5, at the 2015 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry in Buffalo, NY. Mark’s paper “A Midstream Cogged V-Belt Pilot Program: Concept and Early Challenges” was co-authored with AEP Ohio, Dayton Power & Light, Argonne National Laboratory, and Go [Continue]

STEP: In with the New

STEP: In with the New

A shifted focus for the Savings Through Efficient Products program (STEP) brought many new facilities into the Illinois Energy Now participant portfolio during the 2015 program year. STEP provides informational resources, walkthrough assessments and free, easy‐to‐install energy efficient measures to qualifying Illinois public facilities. [Continue]