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Twin Cities Area Adopts “Green” Fields in the MLS

This month, realtors and homebuyers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area will have the ability to seek out green-certified or energy-efficient homes with a new tool. The NorthStar MLS, a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for residential sales in Minnesota and a small part of western Wisconsin, added two new fields to their searchable database. Homes with [Continue]

City of Chicago Introduces Benchmarking and Disclosure Ordinance

On June 26th, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced a proposal to the Chicago City Council to create a building energy benchmarking and disclosure ordinance. Chicago is looking to join 8 other U.S. cities that have passed similar policies to assist building owners in saving money, creating local jobs and reducing energy consumption of existing [Continue]

Boston Passes Energy Disclosure Mandates for Existing Buildings

The City of Boston, Massachusetts recently passed a benchmarking ordinance, becoming the eighth municipality in the U.S., after the City of Minneapolis, MN, to require energy consumption reporting. This ordinance will be phased in a little longer than others, using a five year cycle. Eventually to will apply to all city-owned buildings, as well as [Continue]

Benchmarking – A Means to Reduce Existing Building Energy Consumption

Public and commercial building managers and owners grow more sophisticated with their energy saving techniques, each is beginning to investigate different means of measuring their energy consumption. The term “benchmarking” describes the process of tracking the energy consumed, over time, of an existing building and comparing the results to [Continue]

Building Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure is Adopted by the City of Minneapolis

On Friday, the City of Minneapolis announced the adoption of a new ordinance, which requires public disclosure of commercial building energy consumption data to consumers and potential purchasers. The ordinance, unanimously passed by the Minneapolis City Council, is the first Commercial Building Rating and Disclosure Ordinance to be enacted the [Continue]

City of Minneapolis Building Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Ordinance Passes First Hurdle

Currently under consideration by the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota is an ordinance which mandates disclosure of public and large commercial building yearly energy consumption. Following a unanimous vote by the Council’s Regulatory, Energy and Environment Committee, the ordinance will be considered for adoption by the full City Council on [Continue]

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