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New Tomorrows for Today’s Buildings: Existing Building Commissioning Webinar

The term commissioning comes from shipbuilding. A commissioned ship is one deemed ready for service. Before being awarded this title, however, a ship must pass several milestones. Equipment is installed and tested, problems are identified and corrected, and the prospective crew is extensively trained. A commissioned ship, like a commissioned [Continue]

BOC Graduates provide benchmarking services for the City of Chicago Benchmarking Ordinance

Chicago’s Building Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance calls on existing municipal, commercial, and residential buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to track whole-building energy use, report to the City annually, and verify data accuracy every three years. The data verification is required to be completed by an in-house or third-party [Continue]

Advanced Outdoor Lighting Shines Brighter with the Presidential Challenge Launch

During 2015 alone, outdoor lighting in the U.S. will consume about 100 TWh of electricity, enough energy to power roughly 6 million homes (one terawatt hour equals about one trillion watt hours). This electricity consumption alone, costs cities a cumulative total of about $10 billion annually. As a means to keep budgets intact, many cities [Continue]

DOE Seeks Input on Definition of Zero Energy Buildings

Designing and managing the use of a low energy using building or one that intends to use less than half (50%) of the typical building of its size and occupancy is a difficult process. However, design teams and building owners are beginning to create buildings which use as little energy as possible, while producing only [Continue]

The Results are in – the City of Chicago Releases their first year of Benchmarking Data

The Results are in – the City of Chicago Releases their first year of Benchmarking Data

Congratulations to the City of Chicago in the release of it’s first-ever energy benchmarking report from data collected under their Energy Benchmarking Ordinance! The 2014 City of Chicago Building Energy Benchmarking Report found millions of dollars in potential savings in the city’s largest, non-residential buildings. The findings are based [Continue]

Upcoming Webinar on Public Sector Energy Data Collection and Tracking

Implementing a robust and comprehensive energy tracking and measurement process can be a challenge. A webinar on December 18th at 1pm CST will cover DOE’s Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program Office’s step-by-step guide with best practices for state and local governments and school districts. The presentation will also [Continue]

Cook County, IL passes Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance

The Illinois Association of County Board Members publication, “Illinois County Magazine” Fall 2014 issue features an article on the Cook County, IL enacting an Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance. This initiative requires the county to track the annual energy and water use of its buildings that are larger than 35,000 sqft. The ordinance [Continue]

Retrofit Chicago Commercial Challenge Program Updates with Impressive Statistics

Retrofit Chicago Commercial Challenge Program Updates with Impressive Statistics

The City of Chicago’s Commercial Buildings Initiative is a voluntary program launched in 2012 as part of the overall Retrofit Chicago program. This Challenge provides support and recognition of existing commercial buildings over 200,000 square feet that commit to a 20% energy reduction within 5 years. On Friday July 18, members of the MEEA staff [Continue]

Michigan Moves Forward With Updated Statewide Residential Energy Code

The Michigan Residential Code Review Committee has voted to approve a new statewide building energy code for residential buildings, with an expected effective date of January 2016.  The new code is based on the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), with some modifications listed below. MEEA has analyzed the economic potential of [Continue]

Learn about Deep Energy Retrofits at the 2014 BuildingChicago/Greening the Heartland Conference

A panel discussion in which Steve Kismohr, Senior Technical Manager from MEEA, assisted in organizing and will be a co-presenter was recently accepted to present at the 2014 BuildingChicago/Greening the Heartland Conference! The conference will take place at the end of September in Chicago and will bring together building professionals from around [Continue]

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