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DOE Discussion of Changes in the 2012 IECC Compared With the 2009 IECC

*The following piece is combination of comments from MEEA staff and direct DOE findings. A link to the full findings is at the bottom of the piece. The US Department of Energy (DOE) released their discussion of changes in the 2012 IECC when compared with the 2009 IECC as the changes related to energy efficiency [Continue]

ASHRAE 90.2 Developments

At the recently concluded ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Montreal, significant changes occurred to the development of the ASHRAE 90.2 standard (ASHRAE 90.2 is the companion standard to ASHRAE 90.1 and applies primarily to residential dwellings). Prior to the meeting, an advisory draft proposal had been circulated by the committee. This proposal received [Continue]

Ohio Embraces New Building Codes

Ohio Embraces New Building Codes

On March 7th, the Ohio Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and Regulations approved the adoption of a new set of building codes that includes the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for non-residential buildings.  The JCARR approval is the last step of a multi-year long process in securing approval for an upgrade to the [Continue]