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DOE Announces New Asset Score Partnership Program

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced partnerships with 21 companies, federal agencies and state and local governments to promote the use of DOE’s Building Energy Asset Scoring Tool (the Asset Score). First released in 2014, the Asset Score is a free, web-based software tool that identifies opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of a building and its energy-related systems. Nationally, 825 commercial and multifamily residential buildings, totaling more than 83 million square feet, have utilized the tool to date.

What are Energy Assets?

While the tenants and energy usage patterns within a building frequently change, its physical structure and major equipment remain mostly constant. These underlying energy “assets” include the building envelope (roof, walls and windows), lighting, hot water and HVAC systems. Each component has a significant impact on the energy consumption of a building, regardless of how the building is operated or the behavior of its occupants. The Asset Score assess the efficiency of these static assets and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Program Leaders Include MEEA Members

DOE’s 21 identified partner organizations comprise the Asset Score National Leadership Network. Each organization has has committed to use the Asset Score on at least 10 buildings within its portfolio, work with DOE to produce a case study using the tool or promote Asset Score usage through educational activities, as well as help guide future improvements of the tool. By pledging their partnership, these organizations will receive technical assistance from DOE throughout 2016 on the tool. Two MEEA members, DNV GL and the State of Missouri, are part of this leadership group and will be key leaders of this initiative in the Midwest. The City of Milwaukee, WI has also pledged to facilitate use of the Asset Score on buildings participating in its city-led Better Buildings Challenge program.

New Features Simplify the Process

A new feature within the Asset Score tool, the “Preview,” was recently launched to assist users conduct a simple energy efficiency analysis by entering just a few data points on their building. Asset Score Preview users receive a score between 1 and 10 and can help them determine the ranking of each asset to a baseline, thereby alerting them to potential energy savings if the asset was to be upgraded. Although this scoring does not substitute for an investment grade energy audit, it does help building owners, managers and service providers a quick assessment of their building’s assets.

Learn more about the Asset Score, the Asset Score Preview, and the Leadership Network by visiting DOE’s Asset Score website. For more information on this and other energy saving tools, contact Steve Kismohr, MEEA’s Sr. Technical Manager, at