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Missouri Launches Home Energy Certification Program

On February 20, Governor Jay Nixon announced the Missouri Home Energy Certification (MHEC) – a voluntary program designed to recognize homes that have received energy efficiency upgrades. Homeowners in Missouri can access these certificates through participating in an approved Missouri energy efficiency program, making upgrades that are identified in an energy audit, or receiving a rating through one of many well-known energy rating systems.

The MHEC program uses a two-tiered certification approach, issuing Silver and Gold Certificates to homeowners. Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, a program that MEEA coordinates on behalf of the Illinois Energy & Recycling Office, also issues Silver and Gold Certificates to homeowners. Having these two levels of certification helps celebrate homeowners who have made moderate energy improvements to their homes with Silver Certificates while also encouraging them to undertake deeper energy retrofit projects to earn the Gold Certificate.

Common home energy improvements include measures such as air sealing and installing insulation in attics and walls – measures that are largely invisible without climbing into the attic or drilling holes in the walls. Certificate programs such as the MHEC and Illinois Home Performance communicate these upgrades to the potential homebuyers, demonstrating the increased comfort, durability, and efficiency of homes that have Certificates. Recent research suggests that third-party green certifications may help homes sell faster or for a premium.

MEEA coordinated the stakeholder process for the MHEC program in 2013 and wrote the initial guidelines for the program. For information on how MEEA can coordinate your stakeholder process or create a third-party certification program in your area, contact Kelsey Horton at