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CP EnMS Training Recap

MEEA was excited to have the opportunity to partner with the Georgia Institute of Technology Professional Education and the Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP) to host MEEA’s pilot Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS) training at the end of last month. This four day intensive training was successful in preparing thirteen energy professionals for the ANSI accredited CP EnMS exam. Upon passing the exam, these professionals will receive their CP EnMS certification and be qualified to lead an industrial organization through the development and maintenance of an energy management system; helping to meet ISO 50001 requirements and prepare for Superior Energy Performance (SEP). Their contact information can be found on the IEnMP website, here, upon graduation.

cp enms 1

The CP EnMS class (shown above) of thirteen energy professionals from seven different states in the US, and one from India, left the training knowing more about MEEAs role in the Midwest, ISO 5001, and Superior Energy Performance. The training covered a wide range of topics including but not limited to: energy models, managing energy demand, problem solving skills, operating characteristics of key energy using systems, system optimization, regulatory requirements, instrumentation and controls, data collection and use, and fundamentals of business decision making in the industrial sector.

cp enms 2

The class was led by two experienced instructors from Georgia Tech., Bill Meffert and Frederick Green (shown above). They were able to create collaboration among the participants and bring in personal experience to build on the material covered in the training.

Considering the success of this pilot CP EnMS training, MEEA will be offering additional classes in 2015. If you have questions, or would like to be considered for the next CP EnMS training, please contact Jenn Allen at or (312) 784-7243.