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DOE’s New Solution Center Shares Proven Energy Efficiency Program Strategies

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is launching the new Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Center which highlights successful strategies and solutions used by residential energy efficiency programs across the country. Through the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, utility-sponsored programs, and other initiatives, hundreds of communities have been working to promote energy efficiency upgrades in homes and multifamily buildings. To share the innovations and lessons learned from these efforts, DOE has compiled a one-stop shop for residential energy efficiency program administrators and home performance professionals.

The Solution Center is organized into a series of handbooks—concise online resources with step-by-step guidance for planning, operating, and evaluating a residential energy efficiency program. Each handbook draws on the experiences of multiple programs and contains resources such as tools, calculators, publications, videos, presentations, and case studies.

  • Market Position & Business Model handbooks describe how to assess current and potential demand for energy efficiency products and services (e.g., home energy assessments and upgrades; loans or financing products; contractor training) and what factors influence this demand.
  • Program Design & Customer Experience handbooks explore how to create a customer-centric process by bringing together marketing and outreach, incentives, financing, contractor coordination, and data collection to provide products and services that customers want.
  • Marketing & Outreach handbooks discuss ways to spur demand for home energy upgrades by understanding target audiences and using effective messaging, marketing and outreach tactics, and attractive program offers to motivate them to act.
  • Financing handbooks provide guidance for creating loan products that help customers pay for home energy upgrades in ways that are also affordable for programs and contractors.
  • Contractor Engagement & Workforce Development handbooks describe how to design a program that provides value for contractors by aligning with their business cycles and supporting workforce training.
  • Evaluation & Data Collection handbooks outline ways to develop effective data collection and evaluation strategies in order to understand the effects of a program.

To ensure the Solution Center remains a valuable resource for programs and home performance professionals into the future, DOE invites users to explore the new tool and suggest additional content or materials for possible inclusion by emailing