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Passage of SB 310 and MEEA Energy Efficiency Expo

MEEA hosted the Ohio Energy Efficiency Expo on Wednesday, May 14th at the Statehouse in Columbus. The event included 20 exhibitors from a variety of businesses operating in Ohio, from industrial companies, to high tech manufacturers, to consulting services.  Exhibitors and speakers highlighted the value of energy efficiency, and attendees learned firsthand the impact that the energy efficiency industry has on the state’s economy.

The expo gave a voice to the business community in Ohio that has created jobs and contributed to economic growth since the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) was established with the 2008 passage of SB 221.  Energy efficiency programs have created thousands of jobs across the state and are saving billions for consumers and businesses. The businesses exhibiting at MEEA’s expo demonstrated the economic value of energy efficiency to the state of Ohio.

Thank you to all MEEA members and allies who helped to make this expo a success.  Follow this link to review the event materials, including media coverage and exhibitor descriptions.

On May 28th, Senate Bill 310 (SB 310) passed through the Ohio state legislature. SB 310 effectively ends the requirement for new investment in energy efficiency over the next two years, allows for industrial customers to opt-out of paying for DSM programs in the future, and changes the way that savings are counted, making it easier for utilities to comply with targets. The bill is now awaiting action from Governor Kasich, who released a statement shortly after SB 310 passed indicating he planned to sign the bill into law.

MEEA will continue to track and report new developments as they arise in Ohio. If you have any questions about what occurred or would like to get more involved, please contact Ian Adams at