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Learn about Deep Energy Retrofits at the 2014 BuildingChicago/Greening the Heartland Conference

A panel discussion in which Steve Kismohr, Senior Technical Manager from MEEA, assisted in organizing and will be a co-presenter was recently accepted to present at the 2014 BuildingChicago/Greening the Heartland Conference! The conference will take place at the end of September in Chicago and will bring together building professionals from around the Midwest.

The presentation will include a total of four panelists, including Henry Kosarzycki from the State of WI and AIA National Director, Tate Walker from Energy Center of Wisconsin, and Kurt Zimmerman from Zimmerman Architectural Studios (ZAS), as well as Mr. Kismohr. The panel is entitled, “Diving into Deep Energy Retrofits: A Holistic Approach to Greater Energy Savings.”  The same group presented during a half day workshop on Deep Energy Retrofits for members of AIA WI in April to great success.

Inspired by the publication, “Deep Energy Retrofits:  An Emerging Opportunity,” co-published by the American Institute of Architects and Rocky Mountain Institute, this panel will highlight both the opportunities available and best practices existing building owners can follow to achieve significant energy use savings within existing buildings. The discussion will speak to the opportunities of deep energy retrofits (DER) – renovations of existing buildings which have the goal of achieving greater than 50% energy savings.

The outline of the panel discussion will focus on the process of completing a Deep Energy Retrofit:  acquiring and compiling an existing building’s energy use data (aka the process of benchmarking), analyzing the building’s current equipment, processes and patterns of use (an energy audit), and finally, using an integrated team of architects, engineers, financiers, and energy modelers to greatly reduce the building’s energy use – sometimes by greater than 50% (goal setting, analysis, and project development). The presentation will conclude with Kurt Zimmerman demonstrating how this process was incorporated into the build-out/extensive remodel of the ZAS office (offered as a case study).

This panel takes the idea of building energy benchmarking, as is currently required in the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis and under development in other Midwest cities, and demonstrates how the information gathered in these processes can be utilized to achieve significant building energy use savings when applied in a holistic manner.

For more information on whole-building energy usage data, benchmarking, and data disclosure, please contact Steve Kismohr, MEEA’s Sr. Technical Manager at or 312.784.7257.