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MEEA Building Policy Webinar – Employing Building Energy Use Data Effectively

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
12:00 – 1:00pm CST


Kevin Bricknell, ComEd, Energy Data Services Program Manager
Elena Alschuler, DOE Building Technologies Program, Energy Project Manager
Moderator:  Steve Kismohr, MEEA, Senior Technical Manager

Continuing discussions started at MEEA’s Benchmarking ‘Pre-Conference’ event, a prelude to our 4th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference, this one hour webinar will highlight some of the free energy tracking tools currently available to municipal, state, and private building owners. With such support structures in place, time invested by building owners and managers is shortened and accuracy of analysis is heightened.

Kevin Bricknell will highlight automated energy data disclosure – a method where utility consumption data can be moved electronically from utility database to building owner selected tool (such as Energy Star Portfolio Manager). He will use a live demonstration to showcase their currently available tool and be available to answer questions related to why ComEd decided to make this resource available to their customers.

Elena Alschuler will explain the DOE Building Performance Database (BPD) – a platform for comparing energy performance between tens of thousands of commercial and residential buildings from across the country. She will show how building owners, managers, and designers can use this tool to identify and prioritize cost-saving energy efficiency improvements and assess the range of likely savings from these improvements.