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Lights for Learning® Program Blazes Past the 1,000 Student Fundraisers Mark

As of December, over 185,000 energy efficient light bulbs, holiday strands, and nightlights are brightening Illinois households through Lights for Learning student fundraisers! In this school year alone, 58 organizations hosted Lights for Learning® fundraisers, launching the program past the 1,000 fundraiser mark. One of the fundraisers, organized by Northbrook Middle School Language Teacher Amy Brewer, was recently profiled by the Mendota Reporter. Journalist Jennifer Sommer lauded Northbrook’s holistic approach to program participation, with a focus on raising money for class books.

Northbrook Middle School Student Rides the Energy Bike

Northbrook Middle School Student Rides the Energy Bike

Mrs. Brewer’s students prepared for the presentations with two full weeks of class work, including research, discussion, and writing assignments focused on the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs and their energy and cost savings.  During the Lights for Learning presentations, the seventh grade students learned first-hand exactly what they can do to reduce energy usage through energy efficient lighting and technology.

“We researched global warming and CFL bulbs and then used it in our writing. After two weeks of classwork the students were ready to hear the presentation. This gave them real things they could do,” shared Mrs. Brewer.

This was the second year the class participated in MEEA’s Lights for Learning program. The presentations aim to generate enough student interest to get them talking to their families about making energy-conscious and environmentally aware choices in their daily lives.

Northbrook students also participated in the Lights for Learning fundraiser. Proceeds will be used to purchase new books for students to use during reading workshops.

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