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Efficiency is a “Ride of Passage” at the 2013 Illinois State Fair

More than 1,500 youth and 600 adults exercised their efficiency knowledge at the Lights for Learning booth at the Illinois State Fair in August—many were drawn by the ever-popular energy bike. Heavy family foot traffic made for a very active nine days under the big top where, for the sixth year, Lights for Learning had a prime location in the Discovery Tent within Conservation World.    

The Lights for Learning booth offered something for everyone, but the biggest enticement was the chance to ride the energy bike. Peddling hard, riders struggled to power a row of incandescent bulbs, but with the flip of the switch, their peddle power transferred to CFL bulbs and the results lit up faces, young and old. A new addition to Lights for Learning, the tempting spin of the Wheel of Energy Efficiency engaged passing families.  The wheel quizzed youth on energy efficiency, conservation, the ENERGY STAR® program and renewable resources.

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Each year, Conservation World focuses on the pioneering spirit of the Midwest, offering programs on raptors, reptiles, hunting and fishing; samples of locally made honey; and access to information about state natural areas and conservation efforts. Lights for Learning spent time alongside the Department of Natural Resources, the water conservation table, and the Illinois State Museum.  The fair saw record attendance this year as nearly 920,000 people made their way through the fairgrounds. 

MEEA looks forward to engaging the families we met at the fair through Lights for Learning presentations and fundraisers throughout the year. Learn more about last year’s successes and community impact at here.