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Using ACEEE’s 2012 Scorecard to Look Towards the Future

ACEEE released its 2012 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard where it grades states based on a variety of factors, including policies that have been put in place and funds that have been spent on energy efficiency. Midwestern highlights in the report, include:

  • – 7 Midwestern states moved up in rankings- (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and North Dakota)
  • – Illinois received the highest score on building energy codes
  • – Minnesota received the 2nd highest score for its “Utility and Public Benefits Programs and Policies”
  • – Ohio received the 2nd highest score for its CHP policies
  • – Michigan was recognized for its significant improvements
  • – Iowa received the maximum number of points for its 2011 electricity and natural gas efficiency budgets


The full report can be found here.