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2012 Indianapolis Codes Conference Recap

MEEA hosted the 3rd Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 3rd and 4th, 2012.  There were nearly sixty attendees with representatives from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Michigan, along with several stakeholders from other regions of the country.

The attendees included code officials, state and local government agencies, utility companies, trade organizations, advocacy groups and consulting firms. The broad experience and depth of knowledge of the attendees led to a successful conference with topical discussions and unique opportunities for those in attendance to develop their professional networks.

Many important topics were covered in depth, giving attendees valuable insight on issues they are working on, as well as introducing them to other areas related to energy codes. The main topics addressed at the conference were:

  • – Energy code adoption in the Midwest,
  • – Code compliance strategies, utility codes programs, and
  • – Building energy rating mechanisms.