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Energy Efficiency Strategies to Assist Lagging States

In October 2011, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy released the fifth edition of its annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. While the states ranked near the top of the scorecard are often praised for their rankings, other states are often left asking why are they near the bottom of the scorecard and what can they do to improve their performance, and thereby move up the rankings in future years. MEEA worked with ACEEE as it contacted Midwestern states in the ‘Bottom Ten’ on strategies to improve their energy efficiency savings.

In the Midwest, four states were ranked among ACEEE’s “Bottom 10:” South Dakota (42) Kansas (43), Missouri (44). And North Dakota (51).

To help answer these questions, ACEEE released, today, a report entitled Opportunity Knocks: Examining Low-Ranking States in Energy Efficiency. In developing this report, ACEEE conducted numerous interviews with policymakers, utilities, and stakeholders in the “bottom 10” states on their scorecard. The result is a report that identifies why these states have not more fully embraced energy efficiency while also identifying strategies that they could adopt, including approaches and policies in the utility sector, the public sector, buildings, and industry.