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MEEA Publishes 2011 Midwest SSL Plans and Perceptions Survey Summary Report

On December 8th, MEEA published a report summarizing its annual Midwest Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Plans and Perceptions Survey. The report, which can be downloaded from MEEA’s web page here, was produced with support of the US Department of Energy’s Technical Information Network for Solid-State Lighting (TINSSL).

The 2011 Midwest SSL Plans and Perceptions Survey was administered during September and October of this year with the goal of capturing a snapshot of the regional efficient lighting community’s views on this emerging technology. The 112 respondents to the survey represented those who run efficiency programs within utilities, work on efficiency in a governmental or non-profit capacity, and act as commercial vendors and contractors, among others. In all, the survey received responses from people in a wide range of professions.

The survey results indicate the solid-state lighting is gaining ground in efficiency programs. One sign of this is that the number of program entity respondents engaged in prescriptive programs has increased relative to last year. However, there is still plenty of opportunity remaining for lighting programs; fewer than 10 percent of program respondents have incorporated lighting troffers, an up-and-coming SSL application in commercial spaces.

One of the key findings of the survey report is that program entity respondents rely less on DOE resources than do commercial respondents. DOE’s educational and technical programs represent an untapped resource for program administrators and other governmental or nonprofit stakeholders. If you have more questions about DOE’s Lighting program, please go to For questions about MEEAs efficiency lighting work, contact Jacob Hannan at