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MEEAUnplugged Celebrates Successful 1st Year

On October 1st MEEAUnplugged celebrated its 1 year anniversary. For the last 12 months our blog has been devoted to issues in Midwest energy efficiency, guest posting from industry leaders about relevant energy and energy efficiency issues, and telling the story of a 26 person non-profit in the Midwest trying to advance energy efficiency.

We are very pleased at the response we have had in year 1. MEEAUnplugged has allowed us to expand our brand and provide members and non-members alike with a better window into what we do, how we advance energy efficiency, and what EE can do for them.

To many blogs are a waste of time, lots of people point to their wide spread use as a contributor to fall of professional journalism. For us MEEAUnplugged has changed the way we communicate our message and provides a simpler way for people to understand what we do and why we do it. With 90% of MEEA’s staff contributing to MEEAUnplugged on a regular basis it is the telling of our story and our mission from the people who work here everyday.

As MEEA expands so will MEEAUnplugged. We encourage our visitors to submit abstracts and stories for posting consideration. MEEAUnplugged is for the energy efficiency community and any message that advances our efforts is one we want to promote. Thank you to all those who are regular visitors of our blog and who have provided content over the last year, MEEAUnplugged is what is because of you, thanks.

Topic suggestions and submissions can be sent to