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Iowa General Services Administration 100% BOC Certification

One hundred percent, the minimum we strive for when accomplishing small or large goals, is a number the Iowa General Services Administration (GSA) Property Management staff knows very well.

The General Service Administration, Iowa Field Office graduates are the following facilities technicians:

Chad Barr
Warren Faulkner
Roger Foster
Rick Greve
Stewart Gunnerson
Sue Heeren
Randy Korn
Fred Lindke
Doug Papineau
Austin Puetz
Diane Strawn 

The extensive list of energy saving measures implemented by this team includes (List of accomplishments provided by Diane Strawn):

• At a leased US Courthouse, indoor air quality (IAQ) was a problem and energy costs were running $10-14k per month.  Equipped with knowledge from BOC regarding energy audits, incentives, and IAQ, an energy audit, the team engaged with the utility provider.  The GSA team recommended $200k worth of improvements and offered $80k worth of incentives to make the improvements.  After the improvements, energy costs reduced to $1.5k – $2k per month with a ten-month payback period.

• When the project team was investigating new energy-savings ideas for a new US Courthouse, they were able to offer a wide range of ideas, including green roofs, wind turbines, ground source heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, window treatments and off-peak thermal energy storage tanks.  Many of the ideas were accepted and implemented.  The team also promoted comprehensive building commissioning which brought the commissioning providers onto the project early on.

• The GSA team used their knowledge from BOC to support retrocommissioning at an historic US Courthouse, to include using the list of recommendations for upgrade projects that would get “the most bang for the buck” and enhance tenant satisfaction.   Recommendations that are now under construction include new HVAC systems, lighting upgrades, and a new DDC control system.  BOC allowed the team to be savvier when identifying the needs of the system. Making the recommended changes should make the building a viable candidate for the Energy Star rating in the near future.

• Energy efficiency and audits have been a focus resulting in several energy saving modifications accomplished at Iowa facilities.  The BTU/GSF has decreased by an average of 12.2% since 2003 for all government owned facilities in Iowa.  Individual results for these facilities from Jan. 2010 to Jan. of 2011 include a reduction in energy from 0.60% up to 11.04%.

Some of the benefits that the associates have received from BOC training include:

• GSA learned about Portfolio Manager and have since used it to track Energy Star performance in all facilities statewide

• It provided a refresher for seasoned building managers and provided updated information in new technology for lighting, HVAC, boilers, and electrical

• It provided information on updated terminology, a better understanding of facility operations, and reference material for future use

• For new associates, the program explained critical systems, how they all work together, and how to bring them to their most efficient level of operation
• It was a valuable networking tool which provided exposure to different types of facilities and operations

Congratulations to the GSA Team! We look forward to celebrating more 100% BOC Certification Awards in the future.